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Lineage 2 Wallpapers Collections over 100 wallpapers Gallery Exclusive Images and Ultra High Quality - About Lineage 2

Lineage II is possible the best MMORPG after World of Warcraft, allthoughis not that popular in the United States, but it`s the best in Korea and milions are playing it in Europe too. It`s certainly on of the best looking games ever, strongly PVP orientated. The characters, weapons and armors, look AWSOME and "real".

Make sure to visit to find everything about Lineage 2 starting from wallpapers , hacks, exploits, guides, quests, virtually anything.

You can find over 100 Lineage 2 Wallpapers on this site: .

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About Lineage 2


There are five playable races in Lineage II: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, and Dwarf. Starting as either a warrior or a caster type, classes are race dependant hereafter, with interesting specialisation choices being made at levels 20 and 40. This raises the number of playable distinct classes to over thirty. A third class shift has been introduced recently all within a level cap of 80. Each profession features unique spells and abilities with gameplay generally well balanced in this respect. Clans can have level 8 now, granting an impressive 140 player limit. Having a clan twice in size of its previous incarnation is good for the game as castle sieges are expected to become even more massive than before. It seems subclasses can also reach 80, gaining a third class transfer to become Noblesse and main classes can compete in the Olympiad games to become Heroes. Titles and their bonuses are a nice touch. Developers thought to make life easier for new players, thus hit points and mana recovery was significantly buffed up while sitting down for characters below level 40. We also see the introduction of additional teleportation possibilities, especially between starting cities for a better and faster leveling up experience.

While exploring the land you will find most interesting the addition of spiritshots and soulshots. These consumable items vary in strength and can be usually purchased from shopkeepers. By spending a moderate sum of adena, your next swing, spell or ability will do more damage than before. Up to double damage per hit can be attained, a great way to keep your mana and hit points levels high while playing. Reduced downtime is a plus, especially if the use of shots allow you to bring down more powerful monsters.

Quests are not a main concern in Lineage II as the ones that really matter are the scarce profession quests. Most players would rather endlessly grind creatures in search of a good loot drop instead of running around and exploring the map for that particular quest beast. Since the main way to expose the game story is through the use of quests, I can’t say the average player knows much about Lineage II lore. Fighting PvE is the main way to rise in level and the story is left to the bookworms brave enough to read it all directly on the official website.

And here I stand, weapon in hand, skills learned and ready to run towards the questing site and slay everything in my path for a good old leveling session when … I see quite a sizeable group of players attacking a city guard. I see their names are all gibberish so I presume they must be alts, maybe a clan trying to make a point by taking down NPCs with level one characters. I soon enough realized they were in fact bots, third party programs scripted for certain tasks while the “real player” is away from the keyboard. The use of bots is never approved for MMORPGs. At times, there are more bots than players in Lineage II, although I was told the Game Masters are actively trying to do something about the problem. Eventually they best the powerful guardians, and the resulting spawn time interferes with guards properly giving quests to new players. Close to the cities, popular creeping areas are furthermore swarming with bots bearing gibberish names. Bots are so evenly spread, that every once in a while you need to run quite a distance to find a good leveling spot. They are used to get free gold, for power leveling or to gather rare drops for crafting. Eventually, adena - the Lineage II in game currency - is sold for real world cash, granting buyers an unfair advantage and generally dealing significant blows to the game’s economy as the more free adena is generated, the more prices rise.


Lineage II’s lack of instancing can be troublesome at times. For one thing this takes out a lot from the joy of leveling up in premade groups and secondly it encourages spawn camping. Just imagine you have two groups present at a location known for monsters good drop rates, maybe the final ingredient in the making of your A-grade weapon (the best available). It often enough results in arguing, trolling around or foul language, unless the groups are mature enough to take turns. PvP is not encouraged, but even if the groups feel warlike, reinforcements will be called in most of the time. PvP is neither fair, nor fun, while being outnumbered. I can’t say the massive factor is that present in Lineage II. By nature of the wide array of materials needed in crafting better armor and weapons, you will always need additional help in order to get geared up at higher levels. This justifies the existence of clans and clan banks, where the said ingredients are being pooled.

Several steps were taken to stimulate players into banding together for a greater goal with the introduction of new world bosses of all levels. In this respect, Chronicles V introduced a most notable addition with Frintezza. Four to five groups are allowed to enter his lair and eventually bring down the force fields protecting the sanctuary. Deep within his dungeon you’ll find him playing the organ into a crescendo, eventually summoning a demonic minion to fight by his side. Each new verse, each new sound will boost the demon’s abilities and resistances. At least 40 characters are needed to best the raid boss. Since you need to complete a quest, and a key to enter his inner sanctum, this basicly introduces instancing and that 50 player limit to take up the fight.

Lineage II does have the unique element of castle sieges. Clans can take charge of castles and on occasion must defend them against opposing clans. This is a great opportunity to show skill in your particular class, to get organized and act as a nicely oiled gear in a larger machinery of doom. Siege weapons are available and useful only on such events, where teamwork and coordination play key roles. There is always the dragon Antaras, he who requires almost one thousand players to defeat. It can’t get any more massive than that, but while the encounter is realistic enough, I must notice that strategy and coordination are hardly decisive factors in such a large scale fight.

Sound and Video

Although Lineage II has a disturbing likeness to most fantasy MMORPG games that came out of Asian territory, we must not forget this is the original title that inspired them all, the “crème de la crème” everyone tries to copy. Although Lineage 2 uses the Unreal 2.0 Engine developed by Epic Games, versatility is not something out of a FPS game. While the landscape won’t disappoint anyone, the game’s graphical strength lies in model design. I’m not talking just about your character, which looks very physically correct and has textures that can cope with the last month’s game releases in terms of video proficiency, but also the various NPC encountered in the world. The higher they get in levels, the better they look, giving a real-like feel to Lineage II. Even so, manga influence is definitely present and not to be ignored so take that into consideration when considering Lineage II. You either love it or hate it at first glance.

Good, albeit repetitive sound, you will soon come to enjoy the battle screams of your character, be it male or female. Unfortunately emotes are limited to reflect utility and never provide long winded in-character voice expressions. It’s too bad the developers never bothered with extended voice-overs when it comes to NPCs either, being either silent or casually announcing various large scale triggered events. Neoclassic, soundtrack-like synth music with good samples presents great and varied compositions to the auditorium. I am impressed of the complexity of composition, that although is not symphonic altogether, is goes way above the average MMORPG music.


There are no notable differences between solo and team play in PvE since multiplayer usually implies benefiting from cross class buffs. While it’s a significant power enhancement of offensive and defensive capabilities, this has little impact on gameplay. Often enough players are grouping with a buffer (healer usually) and a spoiler, in order to limit downtime as much as possible yet still reap the full benefits of looting monsters killed. Should instancing be available, there would be a perfect incentive for characters to play together in small and balanced group action. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. You can still group, but it’s just not that much fun.

I find the PvP system too limiting for my taste. Although Lineage II promotes a free range PvP scenario, where players are free to attack one another at any given time, without any level range limitations, the ensuing complications following a kill usually discourage most players to actively seek PvP. Should you attack a white, no-PvP flagged, character without him retaliating, you will gain bad karma and eventually end up being a free target for anyone powerful enough to win over you in a fight. Not to mention you become kill-on-sight for guards and shopkeepers won’t trade with you. Death while having karma often enough results in dropping one equiped object, laying there on the ground for anyone to pick up. Regardless of item, at higher levels it’s a debilitating loss and it’s avoided. Most of your PvP needs are taken care of during castle sieges, thrilling group action yet nothing you can do on your own.


The finest grinding oriented MMO is here; what Lineage II lacks in roleplaying, quests and story implementation, it recovers through the grinding power trip and the achievement sense of owning rare player made high end items. It’s not some uncanny boss that drops your armor; you actually get the materials yourself. While Lineage II may not be the first game introducing this kind of gameplay elements, it was the one to write history, pretty much like World of Warcraft did in its own department. The past few years saw a flurry of Lineage II clones and none managed to surpass the master. While the Chaotic Throne: Interlude brings a breath of fresh air to the series, the real change is to be revealed once The Chaotic Throne: The Kamael. This next expansion will furthermore raise the level cap; introduce another player race and sizeable map additions in terms of starting areas, castle sieges and towers.

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Best Online Radio Free - Who cares about the chart Order!

Great, moody, upbeat, other times chilling possibly the best radio station i listened to. Just have installed Winamp and Download this Winamp Playlist File. Double click on it to embed it in Winamp, and just play it to connect to the radio, via the internet. It`s called Sky Fm Top Hits Station It`s a great station!

Watch Alien vs Predator 2 Requiem FREE ONLINE

The Quality is not that great, but it`s the full movie. So, enjoy Alien vs Predator 2. It`s better then the first, still far away from what the fans were dreaming. What a surprise... NOT!

Click here to WATCH ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2: Requiem

The Short version of the STORY: Picking up where Alien vs. Predator left off, those pesky aliens cause the Predator ship to crash on Earth, setting them free near a Colorado town. A lone Predator (Ian Whyte, encoring from AvP) comes to Earth to clean up the mess and, what the hell, maybe pick up a few human trophies, too. Needless to say, the town’s human residents are completely unprepared for this sort of inter-galactic free-for-all on their streets. This is, after all, the sort of town where everybody knows everybody but no one seems to notice when a spaceship crashes in the woods outside of town, or when the self-same spaceship blows up the next day. In short, you could say that they get what’s coming to them--and they sure do.

PS: Why the fuck can`t they just make a good Alien vs predator Movie? These 2 characters are screen legends, and they fuck it up. FUCK YOU mofo`s. You don`t need 100 million dollars budget to make a great movie. WORK THE FUCK HARDER and maybe your names will be remembered and not sweared at.

Watch TV shows & Movies ONline Free - Best Places to Watch Them without LOADING problems

Wanna watch Heroes, Lost, Dexter or any other tv show online for free? Yeah yeah, i know there are a lot of places if you search by google, still, most of them suck. sucks big time, it loads like shit and has a few episodes, incomplete seasons. has shut down, it was the best by far, i guess it was too good for it`s own sake..

So, in my "research" i found an extremly good site that features not only complete seasons of most of the TV Shows that are worth the time, but even New movies. It`s called and it`s the most complete site with WORKING episodes and the freshest movie.

Another great site to watch tv show episodes is . The only problem is that it`s in korean, but it has a search dialog where you can just enter the name of the show or the season, or episode number, and it will show up. It is the best by far. The only problem is that sometimes it loads slowly. So, if you don`t find an episode of your favourit show, you can certainly find it here.

You can find a list of the most popular TV shows to watch online here:


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YouTube Downloader Free - Play YouTube FLV Files Using WINAMP

I just found a very cool little application that can download any video file from YouTube and MetaCafe. Just copy the YouTube Video`s web adress into the application`s adress bar, press the Download button and the file will download to your chosen download location. By pressing the MORE button you can choose where the application will be downloaded. Look at the Image Tutorial on the Right to see things easier.

Download the YouTube Video File Downloader.

The downloaded YouTube file has a FLV extension, it`s a flash file, so to play it you simply need to download this free application called FLV Player.

IMPORTANT: start FLVPlayer and click on the SETTINGS (down left corner). In the window that pops up, check the USE VIDEO SMOOTHING OPTION. In this way, your videos will look GREAT when you switch to full screen too.

I find it great especially since it lets me create video libraries of my favourite music videos. For organizing files, WINAMP is one of the best and nicest applications out there. The only problem is that by default, it can`t handle FLV Video Files, but i found the solution and it works great.

How to Play YouTube FLV files using WINAMP

1.First, Download this file. It`s an application called Swish Video wich has included the 2 codecs needed to play FLV files in winamp. When installing choose the CUSTOM INSTALL option and check only the last 2 options to install, the codecs itself.

2.Open WInamp go to Preferences -> Input plugins -> Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder [in_dshow.dll] -> Configure -> Add ;flv to the end of the list of other extensions. See the image tutorial on the right if it`s too complicated.

Using Winamp is really easy to organize and play your favourite YouTube videos. Enjoy!

LCD Display Panel Technology Type and Coating - Buyers Guide TFT

When buying a new LCD Display there are many factors that you should consider before bringing one home. The most important is the Panel`s Type Technology Type and the COATING.

There are 2 types of coating tehnology used nowadays: Glossy and Grainy or also known as "anti-glare coating".

A Glossy Coating displays a more vibrant image,the colors seem richer, more saturated and vivid, the one single problem is that it reflects light more on the panel surface. This occurs when you have a light source in your room, it will reflect it and it can be annoying. Just get rid of any light source in your room and the problem is solved. The glossy coating is best for image editing, playing games, virtually everything that involves image quality.

The Grainy Coating, on the other hand, doesen`t reflect light, but it`s image quality is greatly reduced. compared to the glossy coated ones. It`s like having a fine layer of silk or sand on your display. The images are not that vivid, all plain areas of colour become mottled. Far more noticeable on light shades than dark ones. The coating diffracts light via imperfections on the surface. That's how it's anti-glare and anti-reflection. It is ideal for office work and such, but it will give headakes to those focusing on the image quality. Most of the bigger displays 19"-24" have this type of coating.
Unfortunately, the information about a panel`s coating is most of the times missing from the "features" sheet of the LCD, so it`s adviced that you search on the internet your displays features, including coating, before buying the monitor.

The most important thing when it comes to LCD monitors it`s the Panel technology itself. There are many kinds of panels, here are some usefull information i found:

LCD Panel Technology Type and Characteristics
TN film (Twisted Nematic) - low manufacturing/retail costs - restrictive viewing angles- fast pixel response times - dead pixels display white. Stuck pixels display RGB colors- lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA based panels- lower color reproduction

IPS (In Plane Switching) - improved viewing angles over TN- very good color reproduction- slower pixel response times than TN- dead pixels display black- lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA based panelsSuper-IPS (S-IPS)- same as IPS except ...- likely best color reproduction of all TFT- less expensive to produce than IPS- improved pixel responseVA (Vertical Alignment) Technologies

MVA (Multidomain Vertical Alignment) - compromise between TN and IPS technologies- superior color reproduction over TN but not as good as IPS- very good viewing angles but less than IPS- higher contrast than TN or S-IPS means very good blacks- dead pixels are black- slower pixel response than TN or IPS- details can be lost when directly viewing dark areasPremium-MVA (P-MVA)- same as MVA except ...- "overdrive" technology increases pixel response but still slower than TN- may have slightly degraded color reproduction due to "overdrive" processPVA (Patterned VA)- same as MVA except ...- larger viewing angles- higher contrast levels means darkest blacksSuper-PVA (S-PVA)- same as PVA except ...- “Magic Speed” (the Samsung equivalent to Overdrive) improves pixel response- slightly improved color reproduction- slightly improved viewing angles

Purchasing Considerations
TN GamersConsidered a "gamers" panel due to it's fast pixel response times which reduces trailing images know as "ghosting". However, this advantage has been reduced by new technologies to accelerate pixel response times in other panel types. Colors and contrast tend to be weak and blacks are not truly dark. Viewing angles are significantly limited. However, monitors based on this technology tend to be inexpensive.

IPS / S-IPS Graphics Work or Web BrowsingConsidered to have the best color reproduction of all panel types, these panels are well suited for graphics work or web browsing. Pixel response time is also good but slower than the TN "gamers" panel. Contast and blacks are also less dark than VA panels but viewing angles are excellent.

MVA / P-MVA / PVA / S-PVA Compromise for All-Around UseThese panels are a compromise between the fast pixel response times of the TN panel and the excellent color reproduction of the IPS panels. Contrast and blacks are best of all the panel types. Viewing angles are similar but slightly inferior to IPS.

If you consider buying a widescreen LCD display, i would recommend you to consider the following:

When it comes to LCD`s don`t get fooled by the apparent dimensions.. Sure, a 22" widescreen lcd sounds "big", but in reality it has approximatly the height of a 17" 4:3 LCD, it`s only wider. So don`t expect a huge LCD.. The good thing is, at least in the case of 22" widescreen LCD Displays, that on the desktop, the workspace seams really huge compared to any 17"-19" non-widescreen LCD`s. I have a Dell 22" and the grainy coating really annoyed me the first couple of weaks, but after i adjusted it now i got used to it. But still, many times is still bothering, especially knowing the fact that i could have bought a much better LCD if i knew all the things explained above.

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NORAD tracks SANTA - Watch Him Deliver Presents in Real Time!

Ever tought that Santa was beeing tracked by government organizations such as NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command)? Me neither. Well, now, you can track Santa using satelite view as he makes deliveries all over the world, with the help of a so called "Santa Cam", powered by Google, of course. Click Here to view the Santa Cam. Kid can call toll free at 1-877-Hi-NORAD anytime after 9AM Eastern Standard Time to find out the status of Santa from NORAD.

In 1955, a Colorado Springs-based Sears store ran an advertisement encouraging children to call Santa Claus on a special telephone hotline. Due to a printing error, the phone number that was printed was the hotline for the Director of Operations at the Continental Air Defense (CONAD). Colonel Harry Shoup took the first Santa call on Christmas Eve of 1955 from a six-year old boy who began reciting his Christmas list. Shoup didn't find the call funny, but after asking the mother of the second caller what was happening, then realizing the mistake that occurred, he instructed his staff to give Santa's position to any child who called in. Three years later, the governments of the United States and Canada combined their national domestic air defenses into the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), but the tradition continued. Now major media outlets as well as children call in to inquire on Santa's location. NORAD relies on volunteers to help make Santa tracking possible. Many employees at Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base spend part of their Christmas Eve with their families and friends at NORAD's Santa Tracking Operations Center in order to answer phones and provide Santa updates to thousands of callers. About 800 service members and their families volunteer, and shift run from 2 a.m. MST December 24 to 2 a.m. Christmas morning.

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Console Emulators and Game Roms Free for PC

I`m one of those guys that loves older console games. Now, thanks to emulators and uploaded roms, i can play them freely on my PC without any complications. Just the way i like it, fast and easy.
I found mainly 3 great sites where you can download free emulators and roms . First of all, What is an "emulato"r and what`s a "rom"? Well, simply put, an "emulator" it`s a software that mimics the way the video console works on your pc and the "rom" it`s the game itself. The casette or whatever the game was originally, it`s content is ripped, usually there are many files, all zipped together and you load it using the emulator to play it on the PC.

Now, i was saying that there are 3 main sites, that i found best, to download free the best emulators and roms, fast and easy.

  1. RomHustler is probably the site that offers the most complete list and variety of roms out there at the moment. They even have PlayStation Roms to download free of charge. No need to register, just click, download and play. Kudos for the PlayStation roms, i couldn`t find these on the other sites from this list.
  2. The second would be Emuparadise . It has a great library of roms, there are even some roms that you can`t find on other sites, mainly because of copyright issues. This site has some banners that will pop-out when you download, but that`s all. No need to register or anything like this, so it`s all good.
  3. The third site i recommend is Romnation. It has an impressive library of supported emulators for consoles and games, which you can download right from the site, with a single click. No need to register, to click on annoying advertising banners or any other annoying thing. Just click, download and play.

Aditionally you can drop by It offers a great variaty of emulators. If, for some reason, your emulator offered by one of the sites above is not working corecctly, you can always find a great alternative on this site.

I would recommend the Super Nintendo games and the MAME (arcade) ones primeraly. Those were the greatest games in my oppinion. You can find literally hundreads if not thousands on the sites above, i would recommend games like Mortal Kombat Ultimate, Donkey Kong Country series, Golden Axe, Ninja Gaiden, Dragon Quest, Final Fight, Streetfighter series, Contra III, Wonderboy...but i better stop and let you judge for yourself, there are literally hundreads of games to choose from. I want to thank all the great people who took their time and created the emulators and those who uploaded the roms, all free so we can enjoy it. I personally prefer the SNES-9X emulator (click here to download) , because it has a very user friendly interface, very easy to set-up let`s you save and even play online. It`s great.

Here is a list of working video game console and arcade emulators : MAME (Arcade), SNES (Super Nintendo), N64 (Nintendo 64), Sega Genesis Roms, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega 32x, Sega CD ISO's, Sega Dreamcast ISO's, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Saturn ISO's, Sony Playstation ISO's, CPS1 Roms, CPS2 Roms, Modeler, Namco System 12, Namco System 22, NeoGeo (Arcade) Roms, Raine, Sega Model 2, Zinc Roms, GameBoy Advance (Complete Collection), Gameboy Colour, NeoGeo Pocket Colour Roms, Sony Playstation

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The X-Files Movie Sequel Officially in Production - photos from the set

I must admit, i`m a big fan of the X-Files and i watched every episode ten years ago, when it was running on TV. Most of the episodes were creepy and extremly interesting, made me wonder about many things. Sadly, they only showed the first 4 seasons of the entire 9 seasons, so, last year, i decided to watch the whole 9 seasons and i fell in love with it again. Overall it`s an amasing experience, a great cast, unique atmosphere, no wonder that the X-Files became a cult in the 90`s. It`s one of a kind and i was most pleased to hear that David Duchovny wants to play in a follow up and it`s cowriting the script with Chris Carter. Although many news stated a year ago that Gillian Anderson was bitching about the entire project, and she didn`t wanted to play in another X-Files follow up, it turns out she changed her mind. The truth is, the two mai stars Mulder and Scully are best played by Dachovny and Gilligan at least in my oppinion, they are irrepleaceable.

Director Chris Carter is up north in Vancouver shooting the X-Files Movie sequel with David Duchovny, Amanda Peet, Gillian Anderson and rapper turned actor, Xzibit. Check out the photos of some of the cast shooting a scene last night for the first day of shooting. You can find more images from the set on this site.

Overall, i hope we`ll see David Duchovny in more movies or TV Shows, as Californication became in a short period one of the best shows out there, and Duchovny seamed to perform very well and fit the role perfectly. Kudos for his Porsche and for the great script behind the Show, wich i was told is beeing sued by Red Hot Chilli Peppers because the shows name coincide with one of their succesfull singles - "Californication", wich is bulls*** if you ask me. Alltho i really like RHCP, it has nothing to do with them or the song, and if the show wouldn`t have been a succes, nobody would have cared, so that was pretty lame from RHCP.

The next X-Files movie is in production, the release date in summer 2008, and i`d die to see it. It`s one of the best news i heard this year.

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How to play old 3dfx Pc Games on Nowadays Computers - Glide Emulator using OpenGl Free Download

I must admit it, i`m one of those guys who are suckers for "old" pc video-games that i grew up with, like the early Tomb Raider series, Carmageddon 2, Recoil (that great futuristic tank game i just love) and so much more. Just the other day, i was talking with a friend of mine how empty video games seam like nowadays, and how great they were back in the days, when we played carmageddon 2 and such. So, i got an urge to play this epic game again. I installed it,ran it, but the game gave an error, because these games are so old, my "hyper new computer system" isn`t compatible with thpse early kind of d3d/3dfx games.

So, searching around i found an easy solution. A so called "Glide emulator". You just install it, start any game, and if you have an option, choose 3dfs/glide, but most of the times the game chooses this glide emulation by itself. It even let`s you run the games in higher resolution then they did. You just sit comfortably, and play your favourite games. How does it do it? well, it emulates using OpenGl the 3dfs Glide. That simple.
Oldies but goldies, it`s a clichee, but sometimes, they seam like a breath of fresh air, in this oversaturated video-games jungle of world we`ve come to live in.

Download the Glide Emulator here.
More about the Glide Emulator.

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MPlayer - the movie player that does NOT need codecs installed

Are you sick and tired of all those codecs you need to install in order to play the movies on your PC? Well, me too. Luckly i found an application that seams to solve that problem.

MPlayer is a totally free movie player that plays any movies, without having any codecs installed on your computer. Just install MPlayer, and you can watch movies, and furthermore let`s you preview incomplete movies. The only unsupported formats are ram and mov. But most of today encoded movies are .avi s so there you go. You have an application, MPlayer, that doesen`t need no codecs to play movies and also plays INCOMPLETE Movies.

MPlayer works on virtually any pc configuration, starting with 366mhz processor, without any frame rate stuttering. You don`t need to configure or waste your precious time on anything, just open the movie and watch it. Read more on Mplayer`s official site.

Click here to download MPlayer

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Quantum Computers - The World`s Fist Quantum Computer

Computers are evolving at an alarming speed. Virtually every 18 months, the number of components which computer-chip makers can squeeze onto a chip for data storage or processing doubles, as design and manufacturing methods improve. If you just think that 30 years ago, the smallest dimensions of a chip, such as the width of the connecting wires, were ten microns (10 millionths of a metre) , nowadays it`s 100 nanometres (100 billionths of a metre) or less is the typical size. By 2020, according to specialists, the circuit elements would be as small as atoms. Long before then, the bits of electric charges that store information and drive processing power will start to leak away. So, scientists tought of taking a radical approach rather then walking this "old" fashioned road. You can see in the picture above (and through this article) is a part of the D-Wave Quantum Computer.

So, what would a quantum computer have to offer compared to todays supercomputers? Devastating processing speed, to "break" many of the cryptographic systems in use today that would take years or decades for a supercomputer, it would take no time at all for a quantum computer. The real applications for this incredible tehnology, are just in their infancy.

What is a Quantum Computer?
Instead of using bits as clasical computers (information is coded either as 0 and 1), it uses qubits, thanks to quantum properties, called superposition. Like a bit, a qubit can have two possible values–normally a 0 or a 1. The difference is that whereas a bit must be either 0 or 1, a qubit can be 0, 1, or a superposition of both.
In an everyday computer, the program has to operate on its stored information in sequence, one bit at a time. Even so, that can allow for billions of calculations every second. A quantum computer can process all the information in all the qubits simultaneously – geeks call this parallel processing. Imagine having millions of desk tops running side by side rather than just one, all working on the same problem. Yet a quantum computer will need only one processor. The consequence of all this is devastating processing speed when compared with the 'classic' computers of today. A really tough problem like the big number factorisation, that would take a supercomputer years or decades to crack, can be crunched – at least in theory – by a quantum computer in very little time at all.

Now, you thinck that i`m talking sci-fi here? Think again!
In 2005, researchers at the University of Michigan built a semiconductor chip which functioned as an ion trap. Such devices, produced by standard lithography techniques, may point the way to scalable quantum computing tools. An improved version was made in 2006.

D-Wave Systems Inc. claims to be the world’s first — and only — provider of quantum computing systems designed to run commercial applications. On 13 February, 2007 they ran an initial demonstration of their Orion quantum computing system, which is built around a 16-qubit superconducting adiabatic quantum computer processor. However, since D-Wave Systems has not released the full details of Orion to the scientific community, many experts in the field have expressed skepticism.